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Human Anatomy & Homeostasis

The goal of these modifications is to maintain the internal balances (deRosnay, 1997).

If the body cannot maintain its homeostasis, it cannot survive. The altered mode of functioning prompted by a lack of homeostasis will destroy it. Therefore, maintaining the patientĂs homeostasis is one of the paramount objectives of nursing.

The covering and lining epithelia are classified by their thickness and the morphology of the predominant cell type. There are two thickness variants¨the single-cell thickness composed of just one layer of cells and the multilayered stratified thickness composed of more than one layer of cells. An example of the single-cell thickness is a single-layered simple squamous epithelium, and an example of the multilayered stratified thickness is a multilayered stratified squamous epithelium. Using these criteria, nine types of covering and lining epithelia have been classified: simple squamous, simple cuboidal, simple columnar, pseudostratified columnar, stratified squamous


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