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Sexual Harassment of Women in Employment

Sexual harassment not only includes requests for sexual favors in return for job benefits; leering, intentional touching and patting, salacious gestures and other advances that invite sexual activity, and other verbal and physical abuse are also considered harassment.4 Since 1980, the definition has been expanded.

In 1988, the EEOC released a guidance notice updating the Commission's policies on sexual harassment in the workplace. In order for sexual advances to constitute sexual harassment, the conduct must be unwelcome. In addition, one of the following facts must be demonstrated: submission is made a term of employment; submission to or rejection of the conduct is used as a foundation for employment decisions; or the conduct creates a hostile environment. Other issues covered by the notice include: determining when conduct is unwelcome; determining if the environment is hostile; evaluating claims of constructive discharge; determining liability for harassment; and preventing sexual harassment.5 Although EEOC g


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