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The Civil Rights of Women in Sexual Harasment

Incidents range from office romances to physical activities, gestures such as kissing,13 to blatantly sexist sexually harassing activities. Examples of this latter category include pasting nude photographs from "girlie" magazines onto biographies of new women employees that the company includes in newsletters and showing X-rated movies at meetings after telling businesswomen they would see educational films.14 In the 1980s a greater proportion of cases involved co-workers rather than boss-subordinate incidents. in addition, sexual harassment today can be more subtle and even more threatening to women than ever before.15

Many women continue to feel unempowered or disenfranchised in the workplace. They believe livelihoods are in jeopardy.16 In a day of visible litigation, many sexually harassed people are hesitant to go through company procedures to resolve the issue or through the legal process because they feel they will be blamed for instigating, or become outcasts in the company, or that it will take too long. The predominant number of sexually harassed women are still afraid of retribution from their immediate manager.17

Sexual harassment of women in the workplace remains a widespread insidious problem.18 Statistics from the Bureau of National Affairs indicate that 40 percent of females are sexually harassed on the job. A study by the Merit System Protection Board indicates that at least half of working women and as many as 15 percent of working men have suffered on-the-job sexual harassment.19 The EEOC has reported that the number of sexual harassment complaints filed rose from 4,272 in 1981 to 7,273 in 1985.20 These statistics support the thesis that sex-role stereotyping exists in the workplace as it does in society in general. This spill-over effect suggests that women who work in jobs traditionally dominated by men are commonly seen by men as socially deviant sex objects, and may face discrimination and harassme...

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