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Influence of Peter Ilyich Tchaikovsky as a Music Teacher

In addition, he composed five major choral works, 13 songs cycles (each of which contains between six and 16 songs), and a few works of incidental music.

The historical significance of the composer can be seen in the fact that he was representative of the Romantic period in music. The Romantic movement, which swept Europe during the 19th century, can best be understood in contrast to the Classical period which preceded it. The Classical period, which was characterized by the music of Haydn, Mozart, and early Beethoven, was a time when composers were generally supported by the patronage of the nobility. The musical style of the period was based on the ideas of harmonic proportion which had originally been developed during ancient Greek and Roman times. Thus, it was a style in which elegance and refinement were considered far more important than emotional expression. In contrast, the Romantic period was marked by the dissolution of the European patronage system. The composers, who no longer had to create their works for the pleasure of kings and queens, began to be more emotionally expressive in their music. In addition, the music itself became more expansive, with more chromaticism and tone color than ever before. Two other unique elements in Romantic music were the spread of nationalism, in which composers expressed pride in their home nations, and the use of "program music," in which instrumental music was "inspired by a poem, novel, play, painting, sculpture, or some other extramusical entity, and meant to suggest the essence of that entity to the listener" (Griffel 589).

It is interesting to note that Tchaikovsky, unlike most of his Romantic period contemporaries, was able to obtain the support of a patron during the later part of his life. Aside from this, Tchaikovsky's music clearly shows many of the elements which are characteristic of the Romantic period in general. For example, his music was highly expressive a...

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