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The Crucible

One of the individuals may die unexpectedly. One of them may fall in love with another individual. One of them may change and develop while the other does not, thus forcing them to separate because they are different than when they first made their pact based on romantic love. Therefore, we are all still alone even if we could take comfort from such empty promises or pacts. Thus, since sex is often linked with romantic love, and has been historically, how do we make love without love? The question has to be asked, because in order to make love without love a new definition of the relationship two people can attain must be redefined. We must ask the question because so many individuals in society are obviously able to make love without being in love. How does a person make love to another person without love? We must ask this question because for too long society has defined sex and love on equal footing, as if there is no such thi


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