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The Importance of Television advertising

Another area of major concern to the public is the increasing number of over-the-counter (OTC) medications advertised on prime time television, and their possible harmful effects (Craig). Women are significantly more likely to be featured in these ads and they are frequently portrayed as experts on home care, often caring for sick children. This reinforces stereotypes of women as care-givers, and risks having women overuse OTC medications to gain family love and support.

Controversial advertising is becoming more frequent on television, and people need to let the companies know that they will not succumb to this pressure. They will boycott products and services and encourage others to do so. These ads cannot be banned, but the public does not have to buy into their messages. These companies do bow to public pressure, as shown by the reaction of Puma, and the number of fast-food restaurants now serving healthier meals. It will take a lot of pressure from the public to keep controversial ads off television. Companies need public support, so they need to listen to what the public wants.

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