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The End of the Military Cold War

The downsizing of the military that is going on at this time will reduce defense expenditures and thus help improve the budget picture to a degree, but it may also contribute to the economic and employment problems facing the various states in such a way as to undercut the effort at improving the economy.

Waller considers the trends at strategic arms control over the last part of the Cold War and finds that two trends dominated: 1) Strategic arms control matured as a tool of U.S. national security; and 2) There has been growing uncertainty about the role of nuclear weapons (Waller 114-115). as we consider what the "peace dividend" may mean and how we should address arms contort in the future, fear of nuclear weapons remains strong. It may not be directed at one country, the Soviet Union, but this only increases the sense of danger as we consider the possibility of rogue states or terrorists with nuclear capability. McCausland rightly points out that arms control is not a product of the nuclear age but has been used for centuries a states have sought "to improve their security, save money, or reduce the damage associated with conflicts" (McCausland 138). McCausland offers a history of some of these arms control arrangements and finds that conventional arms control still has a role as an effective policy tool:

As we approach the next millennium, however, we must be aware that the demands placed on this instrument have expanded beyond improving security, saving money, and reducing damage in war. Some experts believe it can assist in the settlement of traditional quarrels as well a ethnic struggles that have reappeared since the end of the Cold War (McCausland 152).

While the end of the Cold War has reduced a certain kind of world tensions it clearly has not meant the end of conflict. The U.S. has shown a tendency toward demilitarization because of the reduced tensions, though some believe this may be premature and that a ...

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