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Legalization of Euthanasia in Canada

They believe this has led to an increased use of euthanasia without consent, circumvention of the law, and the abuse of those who are vulnerable. They believe it threatens palliative and hospice care, and that depression is the most common factor in requests for assisted suicide. They try to promote more public awareness to stop the trend.

Francis Lalonde, a lawmaker from La Point-de-l'lle introduced bill C407, a measure which would allow a medical practitioner or someone assisted by them, to aid another person if that person had a terminal illness, is experiencing severe physical or mental pain, appears lucid and requests death (Bill). A group of 61 physicians and 39 lawyers wrote a letter strongly condemning the legislation, saying it would have profoundly adverse effects on society (100). The Justice minister declared that he would not support this bill. Since the bill was defeated, the drive is on for support because the new Justice Minister, Irwin Cotler is committed to raising the issue in the future and has called for a renewed debate in Canada (Schadenberg).

Since the Death With Dignity Act went into law in Oregon in 1997 through 2003, there was no sudden rush of suicides and people were not clamoring to kill of their sick relatives for their inheritance as was predicted (Physician). In fact, during 2003, physicians in Oregon wrote fatal prescriptions for only 67 terminally ill individuals. Since the law came into effect, there have been only 171 physician assisted suicides. In 2004, physicians wrote only 60 prescriptions for lethal doses of medication: 37 patients used them. The most frequently cited reasons for committing suicide were: 92 percent reported a decreasing ability to participate in activities which made life enjoyable; 87 percent reported loss of autonomy; and 78 percent reported loss of dignity.

Peter Rasmussen, an oncologist, thinks that Oregon's law is the right thing (Rollin). He has helpe...

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