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Personal Essay on Importance of Learning

Although I did well with logic in the abstract sense, trying to solve actual problems was not as straightforward. My written communication skills were good, but they needed a lot of honing. I was quite interested in developing my writing skills, because I enjoyed writing and also because I knew it was a necessary skill for most endeavors I would be interested in pursuing. My oral communication skills were poor, because I was uncomfortable speaking in front of groups and tended to suffer stage fright. I had learned some information retrieval skills, but I soon found that I needed to learn a great deal more about that. Utilizing information, however, came easily; in fact, it became one of the most interesting aspects of learning. I would begin using information in a certain way, and I would begin to see exciting connections to other information. My collaboration skills were below average due to a mostly noncollaborative educational environment prior to starting at the University. However, after joining a Greek social group on campus, I had further opportunities to develop collaborative skills, especially through holding various offices in the group. My career goals were indefinite, since I changed my mind about my major course of study a couple of times before finally settling on French. I originally wanted t


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