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Information Technology Report

Each functional department also has people with their own private databases that reside on their PCs. For example, the sales manager uses the sales system for functional applications but has his own database for recording information about the vendors and his contacts with them. This creates a lack of visibility where only he has access to that information, and the company suffered a serious loss one year because someone in upper management made a financial decision without knowing that the vendor involved was a poor risk. The functional data also resides in Oracle on the main server.

At the help desk, most of the data is either call-related or reference-type data that help desk technicians access to assist callers in resolving their technical problems with the functional systems. This data is only accessible by the help desk and is not updated very frequently, nor is it by any means complete. Help desk technicians complain that many of their calls are difficult to resolve because the solutions are not generally known. They often have to ask several other technicians before finding someone who can help. Their call-trac


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