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Information Technology Data

This data is only accessible by the help desk and is not updated very frequently, nor is it by any means complete. Help desk technicians complain that many of their calls are difficult to resolve because the solutions are not generally known. They often have to ask several other technicians before finding someone who can help. Their call-tracking system keeps track of callers and their problems, the steps to resolve them, and a record of any other information pertinent to the call. However, it is very difficult to find information in for technicians who would like to search calls to find out how other technicians resolved similar problems. Help desk data resides in Microsoft Access, the database compatible with the help desk software.

Human Resources data resides in a special secure server in an Excel database. This data includes personal information such as Social Security numbers and health history, so the decision was made to keep it on a secure server in a special, restricted area so that unauthorized personnel would not be able to access it. Although the data is backed up regularly, the secure server goes down rather frequently, so Human Resources occasionally suffers down time as a result of not being able to access their data.

The multiple databases and platforms used by the company pose problems in terms of data visibility and maintainability. All of the company's data, with the possible exception of the secure Human Resources data, should be kept on the same system. Although there may be many individual databases, they should all be accessible from anywhere in the company by the appropriate personnel with no important information residing on personal computers where those who need it cannot access it.

I recommend that we look into building Oracle data marts using Oracle Data Mart Builder (for the individual departments that can eventually be amalgamated into a company-wide data warehouse ('Oracle Data Mar


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