Harsh Ecological Conditions in Africa
Most of the worldĂs diamond deposits are in Africa, and in some African countries (most notably South Africa, Namibia, Botswana, the Republic of the Congo and Sierra Leone) revolutionary groups have forcibly overrun diamond mines in the interest of financing insurgency operations (Nationmaster.com).

Other ores and minerals also abound in African soil, including copper, nickel, iron, silver, uranium, lithium, bauxite, titanium, platinum, rubies, radium and zinc. Island and coastal nations produce fish, but also cinnamon trees, and even hydropower. Other natural resources include coconuts, guano deposits and other fertilizers, peat, marble, timber and petroleum. Petroleum reserves can be found in many African nations, among them Algeria, Tunisia, Egypt, Libya, Gabon, Chad, Angola and Cameroon. In this, the petroleum market in Africa is larger than many realize (Nationmaster.com).

The United States has noticed the African oil and petroleum reserves. Crude oil dominates US imports from Sub-Saharan Africa, and accounts for 61% of US purchases from the region. In 2002, Sub-Saharan Africa provided 13.8% of the US crude oil imports (by value); compare this to the Persian Gulf¨which provides the US with 23% of its oil imports¨and the significance of African natural resources for the US becomes clear (Feldman

According to the United States Department of Comme

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