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Hispanics Undereducation

9). Nearly one-third of Hispanic students entering school in the United States will leave before attaining their high school diploma (Baldauf, 1997, p. 1). In urban areas, the drop out rate for Hispanic students is 50 percent or higher and 56 percent are functionally illiterate (Berry, 1998, p. 631). This is twice the rate of non-Hispanic students (p. 634).

The lack of proficiency with the English language makes simple communications difficult with English speaking peers and with teachers who speak only English and may have limited experience with non- or limited English speaking students. Miguel Ignacio Tinajero who has a lifetime of involvement with bilingual education strongly believes that bilingual education is educationally sound and is a tool for joining with the American culture. His attitude is contrary to the growing backlash against bilingual education taking palace in many states. (California started the 1998-1999 school year with a voter- mandated English immersion program for non-english speaking students.) Tinajero stresses that the child's native language is used to ensure that students understand the concepts taught in class. After understanding the concepts, the second goal in school is to learn English so the student can become a fully functioning member of society (Riley, 1995, p. 9).

Parent participation has repeatedly been linked to higher student achievement especially for low income children. The Hispanic student's parents often speak only Spanish which can make communication between the school and home complex and inconvenient by requiring translation between the teacher and the parent unless the teacher is also fluent in Spanish. Some Hispanic parents have had negative experiences with schools and do not wish to repeat the experience. Sometimes these experiences are the result of a lack of sensitivity and understanding on the part of school personnel (Lara-Alecio, Irby, & Ebener, 1997, p. 28)....

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