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German National Socialism

What was not rejected, however, was the basic racial hierarchy itself, which put the Aryan race at the top, and the Semitic race at the bottom.

The denigration of the Jew was by no means unique to the Germans. Throughout Europe, Jews were blamed for most social and economic ills, and their visibility in the business and financial sectors of Europe made them vulnerable to resentment amongst European gentiles who suffered during economically difficult times. German racial theories, however, conveniently placed the Jews at the bottom of the racial hierarchy; consequently, they were uniquely situated to receive the ultimate blame for Germany's, and all of Europe's, ills. Jews received most of such blame in popular German literature, which increasingly denigrated the basic nature of Jews as the 19th Century drew to a close. Eventually, national socialist thought would accuse the Jews of a worldwide conspiracy to control economies and nations. The culmination of a long-term trend, it did not sound fantastic to many Germans by the late 1920s.

The First World War and its outcome set the stage for the eventual national socialist takeover in Germany. The German nation and its people went to war in 1914 with the strongest nationalistic feelings of any of the major combatants; the loss of the war and the capitulation of the German monarchy at the end of the war was a terrible humiliation for the German people. Instead of destroying nationalistic feelings, however, the outcome of the war implanted a resentment towards the victorious European powers and those suspected of betraying the German cause. At the center of this resentment were the millions of German army veterans who felt that they had been let down by those who had run the government during the war. In contrast to the majority of Allied soldiers, these German veterans had not been overwhelmed by the horrors of the industrialized warfare in the trenches. Instead, they ha...

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