Concerns and How Greek Art Developed
On later Geometric vases, such as the one under discussion, representations of figures also appear, in a two-dimensional, analytical style. The aspect of the Greek character seen in these works is an analytical clarity and order and a desire for rhythmic regularity ((Kjellberg and Saflund 56).

The Geometric Style is considered the oldest characteristically Greek style in the fine arts. Early Greek sculpture embodies this style with animals and human figures in copper, bronze, lead, ivory, and terra-cotta. Some of the early figures were ornaments on larger objects, such as vases and bronze tripods, while others served as separate votive offerings. Examples include the geometric bronze warrior from the Acropolis (late eighth century B.C.) or the Mantiklos "Apollo" from Thebes (c. 680 B.C.).

Monumental, free-standing sculpture first appeared around 600 B.C. in the early stages of the Archaic period, and this was probably influenced by foreign sources such as Egypt and Mesopotamia. The Hera (c. 560 B.C.) is an early example. The Archaic period included a number of examples of the kouros and the kore, the male and female figures of which there are numerous examples. Architectural sculpture was used on temples and similar buildings throughout the Archaic period.

The Early Classical period can be seen in a work such as The Charioteer of Delphi from the Sanctuary of Apollo at Delphi, c. 470 B.C., representing the king's driv

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