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"Hawaii: A Melting Pot of Many Cultures"

This variety in focus will introduce the student to art forms that are indigenous to the island itself (Art, Music, Dance). Students will also be expected to learn about Hawaii's geographical formation and climate. Since Hawaii has active volcanos, students will be exposed to some introductory information about how volcanoes actually operate (Sciene, Geography). As a way of incorporating environmental and health issues, students will be asked to investigate what happens in a place which experiences volcanic erruption. Does this pose specific health risks? Challenge citizens about how to clean up after the lava has flowed? (Health, Environmental Science). Since the pinapple and sugar plantations have been so central within the Hawaiian economy, students will be asked to think about farming. Does its island formation present certain risks and benefits to the local farmers? (Agricultural Science).

JUSTIFICATION: To use an art project which brings a distant place up close can be very exciting for fifth graders. To participate in helping to build a collective model of Hawaii would allow students to use many of their talents (or struggle to acquire new ones!) By using the construction of the volcano as the group's center, various different sites can be established in the class' "community village." Additionally, by incorporating some pineapple and sugar plantations within the setting, students will be asked to consider a lifestyle which may be very foreign to urban or even suburban American children. Different students will be asked to cover different aspects of the village. Some students should be encouraged to build civic buildings where legal and governmental affairs take place. Locales where the villagers celebrate should be included. This will help the students consider what sort of music, dance, food and costume native Hawaiians prefer. In an ag


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