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U. S. Immigration

A conclusion will address the future where Mexican immigration is concerned.

This exodus is nothing new to Californians who long have battled the social problems caused by mass waves of immigration, such as an overburdening of the infrastructure (i.e., health care system, public education, law enforcement, etc.). However, one of the biggest reasons Mexicans immigrate to America is to find a job. Many of the immigrants who used to arrive in California are now spreading to many other parts of the country and becoming a vital sector of the American economy, albeit at the low-end wage scale (all the more reason why they have such value). As one Mexican immigrant relates, after immigrating to Alaska and finding a good job, “In California the bosses know they can pay you less, because there are 20 people from Mexico looking for the same job. [I] now make $18 an hour as a school custodian, with health benefits and paid vacation. Here, if you’re willing to work, people treat you fairly,” (McDonnell 3).

Other than finding work, there are many more reasons why people immigrate from Mexico to America. For one, Mexico has a high rate of corruption and it motivates people to come here in search of a better lifestyle, a lifestyle they believe democracy and capitalism will afford them. Many people are also motivated to immigrate by the close proximity and relatively short distance they must travel to America. In a


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