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Personal Group Interaction

Unfortunately, all members of the group did not possess compatible computer software to make frequent videoconferencing possible. When videoconferencing was used on one occasion, the poor quality of the video transmitted did nothing to enhance the conversation. The images were jerky and time-delayed. It was just as effective to use teleconferencing (speaking simultaneously with more than one person by telephone); however, current technology limits the number of persons conversing to three. This limitation is a serious drawback to group interaction.

The use of electronic media for communication has a significant effect on intra-group relations. The group was not as cohesive when using these methods as when face-to-face methods were employed. Electronic media facilitates the formation of subgroups. For instance, Person A might spend five minutes with Person B discussing a matter, yet spend 15 minutes discussing the same matter with Person C. Thus Persons A and C can build a stronger relationship without Person B knowing about it.


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