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Deforestation of the Amazon

Understanding of both the causes of the deforestation and its impact cannot be had without knowledge of the complicated and diverse social milieu embroiled in the ongoing battle regarding the Amazon rain forest. In this regard, several articles have attempted to delineate the complexity of this social nexus. These articles indicate that deforestation began, in a major way, with the government of Brazil deciding that its 10 million poor, rural families might be given acreage in the Amazon and allowed to engage in farming. Such a move, it was reasoned, would keep these people from adding to the numbers of extremely poor people already in the cities; in addition, it would give them a chance at a livelihood that could, if they worked hard, elevate them from the status of the destitute.

To these rural families, the government's offer was a godsend. They packed up their families and thei alarms, these regarding the global effects of the deforestation, effects relating to the depletion of the world's oxygen supply and the warming of the atmosphere. The Indians and the rubber tappers aligned themselves with the power of the Catholic Church, while the environmentalists put pressure on world bankers lending money to Brazil. And, in turn, both the bankers and the church put their collective muscle on the government of Brazil.


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