US Policy towards Israel Palestinian
S. policy on the Middle East at the start of the century, the issue of Palestine was already emerging as one of significance. Interest in this province of the Ottoman Empire stemmed from the official indoctrination of the political doctrine of Zionism in 1897 at Basle, Switzerland (Neff 2003). The 204 delegates, Jews from fifteen countries, unanimously agreed that “Zionism aims at the creation of a home for the Jewish people in Palestine to be secured by public law,” (Neff 2003, 1). At the start of the century, Arabs owned 99% of the land and comprised 95% of the population in Palestine, (Neff 2003). Many Jews were opposed to the establishment of a non-melting pot nation, one maintained specifically only for Jews. However, also in 1897 the first Zionist Federation was founded in the U.S. Zionism rejected assimilation or the melting pot concept of a nation. Theodore Herzl outlined his reasoning for why such a state was necessary in Der Judenstaat (1896), “We have sincerely tried everywhere to merge with the national communities in which we live, seeking only to preserve the faith of our fathers. It is not permitted us,” (Neff 2003, 1). The origination of Zionism did not have an immediate or noticeable impact on U.S. policy toward the Middle East in the early 20th century, as it would in later decades. As U.S. Secretary of State Philander C. Knox maintained in 1912, “The problems of Zionism involve certain matters primarily related to the interests of countries othe

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