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US Policy towards Israel Palestinian

During the Wilson Administration, the U.S. would enjoy its highest level of good will in the Middle East. Nearly a century of missionary activity has established educational institutions in Lebanon, Syria, and Palestine, including the Syrian Protestant College and the Robert College in Turkey. Missionary activities represented the first sustained relations between the U.S. and the Arab world. The Reader’s Companion to American History (2003) argues that such activities generated a very positive view of the U.S. in the region, “By WWI, decades of work by American missionaries and educators…had created an almost uniformly favorable view of the U.S.” (1). Such views were reinforced by U.S. policy under Wilson, including his Fourteen Points and the concept of self-determination. Wilson’s support of the Balfour Declaration and self-determination provided hope to the Arab world that the U.S. might act as a counterbalance to the actions of Britain and France which were viewed as proof of Western imperialism in the region.

Wilson sent the King-Crane Commission to ascertain the preferences of Arab populations with respect to which power would help them evolve toward independent, as specified by the Covenant of the League of Nations. An overwhelming majority of Arabs expressed preference for an American mandate over a British or French one. However, the U.S. Senate rejected the findings of the King-Crane Commission, despite the Commission’s finding that Zionism could not be implemented in the region with the complete dispossession of the non-Jewish inhabitants of Palestine. It was at this early point in U.S.-Middle East relations that the U.S. stood poised to bring peace and stability to the region. Nevertheless, the U.S. chose to ignore its own support of self-determination and the mandates for Syria, Lebanon, Iraq, Palestine, and Jordan were given to Britain and France. In this half-hearted support for Arab self-determin...

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