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Japanese Use of Forced Prostitution

730). The RAA was created to try to manage the occupation forces in the same way that Imperial Japan had tried to manage its own citizenry. Garon's article provides important background history for examining the subject of Japanese comfort women during and after the war.

In "The Origin and Development of the Military Sexual Slavery Problem in Imperial Japan," Shin Sung Chung (1977) attempts to provide an objective presentation of the facts of the case, arguing, "It has been alternatively concealed and unveiled according to changes in the balance of power between the countries involved" (p. 220).

Chung (1977) begins by discussing terminology, since the parties have no universally accepted language to talk about the issue. "Military sexual slavery" is the phrase used by the Korean Council and the United Nations, but this is charged language and covers a variety of different kinds of practices used with different groups of women. Chung (1977) observes, "It was not until 1937 that the Japanese government created an official brothel policy and began to systematically establish brothels in areas where soldiers were stationed" (p. 223).

Chung acknowledges the difficulty of studying the subject, in part because the Japanese army destroyed most of their records after Japan was defeated. Yet, Chung (1977) observes, enough evi


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