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The Constitutions and Bylaws of the Soviet

S.S.R. Water Use Legislation" for the Water Management Section of Gosplan (the State (economic] Planning Committee.) The several republics, both in Asia and Europe, adopted laws on water use for at least agricultural purposes before, in September 1964, the Supreme Soviet began working on draft "Principles of Water Use Legislation." The principles recognize "water use relations" between government organs, enterprises, institutions, organizations, and even persons with respect to water [i.e. "water relations" is a special case.] The Principles were divided into five parts: (1) general provisions; (2) water use; (3) water conservation and the prevention of harmful effects of water; (4) government assessment of water resources and the planning of water use; (5) liability for the violation of water use legislation--the second and fifth were the names of public institutions, while the third combined the names of two institutions.12 Kolbasov distinguishes "waters" [vody] from "water" [voda];13 the former excludes water that has been confined in reservoirs or other artificial containers. "Waters in the U.S.S.R. are the exclusive property of the state and are offered only for use." Use includes not only consumption but also the carrying away of sewage.14

All waters which comprise the Unified State Water Fund of the U.S.S.R. are subject to state regulation under the 1975 decree of the Council of Ministers, "On State Registration of Waters and the Use Thereof." In 1979 the statute "On State Control over Water Use and Protection" vested authority over water resources in the Soviets of People's Deputies, their executive committees and similar state agencies.15 The actual management of water use and conservation is handled by water basins, and not by republican or other territorial boundaries.16

The use of waters comes under the U.S.S.R. Ministries of Geology, of Land Reclamation and Water Conservation, and of Public Health, and, in the ...

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