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Poland This report focuses on Poland,

Before describing the specific product, pricing, placement, and promotional strategy developed for Ford, a general overview of marketing activities in Poland is presented. Since privatization, Poland has enjoyed the development of new trade relations with foreign firms and consequently created a marketing consulting sector which has been used to good effect by foreign firms planning to enter the Polish market. Indeed, one of the most striking features of the post-1989 Polish economy is that marketing capabilities have grown exponentially.

Based upon an analysis of PolandĘs history, its unique culture, and its economic climate, this report describes marketing in Poland as enjoying significant synergies with marketing in the United States. With PolandĘs much-anticipated entry into the European Union pending, the viability of marketing bank and financial products has clearly improved. The adoption of the euro after membership in the European Union will permit manufacturers across Europe and the United States to streamline their operations in Poland and to enjoy currency transactions that are less complicated.

The report contains a number of tables and charts describing PolandĘs current economic situation along with an extensive review of relevant literature that highlights PolandĘs cultural and economic profile as well as issues related to marketing. Finally, the report offers suggestions for specific marketing activities and strategies that are


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