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Country Risk in Indonesia

The ASEAN member states as a group constitute a major market in Asia. The removal of tariffs for inter-regional manufactured products within the ASEAN free trade area became effective in 1994.

A more recent event that will affect the country risk of Indonesia in the future is the formation of the Asian-Pacific Economic Council (APEC). If the promise of APEC is fulfilled, economic growth and development within Indonesia will soar.

A threat to the country risk of Indonesia is the long simmering dispute involving East Timor. A failure to resolve this dispute and a failure by the Indonesian government to cease its violent political repression in the East Timor area could compromise Indonesia's economic future.

Indonesia's Domestic Financial Sector

The domestic financial sector of Indonesia is reviewed in the discussions in this section. These discussions cover the financial market in Indonesia, the institutional structure of the Indonesian financial sector, and governmental regulation of the financial sector.

The financial markets in Indonesia in the 1990s are experiencing increasing activity levels in the 1990s. The Jakarta Stock Exchange, Indonesia's only such institution, has suffered a total share value loss in 1994. A similar outcome has occurred in other Asian markets.

The emergence of derivatives--options, futures, warrants,


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