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Advocates for Environmental Justice

Because those portions of the ˘commons÷ most cost-effective for corporations are those in the poorest communities, and because the poorest communities in America are populated with high concentrations of ethnic minorities, the ˘burden of industrial waste÷ will ultimately fall ˘more heavily on black and brown than on white÷ (Szasz, as quoted in Brook 615). This would appear to be tantamount to environmental racism.

So it seems that environmental problems are inseparable from poor economic conditions, and further, that the poorest economic conditions plague primarily racial minorities. Thus, by the transitive property, environmental problems are the problems of racial minorities. If this is true, is it fair to say that major corporations are racist, and actually target racial minorities? It is not clear that this is the case. Industrial corporations looking to build factories and plants are attracted to specific regions because they are cost-efficient. That the populations of these cost-efficient regions are racial minorities is an unfortunate consequence of corporate bargain-hunting. However, the suggestion that industrial corporations intend to pollute the neighborhoods of, for example, African-Americans simply because they are African-American seems unlikely. It is more plausible to assume, as even the


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