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Harvesting of Naturally Fallen

Another strength is its impact on the community. The cooperative allows unskilled, illiterate workers to make ten times the money they earned previously. Not only does this raise their standard of living substantially, it allows them more time at home with their families and enables them to send their children to school rather than requiring them to work (Nebbe & Hunger, 1999, p. 26-1). The cooperative's weaknesses are that the harvesting process is arduous and time-consuming and that transport is difficult. The opportunities for even the tiniest cooperative are magnified by the fact that a global economy increases customer reach and potential profitability. Should the cooperative manage to hook up with a furniture maker that manufactures products that can be marketed through a vast entity such as QVC, the cooperative could earn a substantial amount of money. It might have to find ways to harvest the wood faster in order to supply products in the quantities and timeframe that QVC demands, but it would become more profitable as a result. The biggest threat it faces is deforestation as a result of uncontrolled forest fires. These fires not only destroy trees of all ages, but also their seeds, so one devastating fire is all it would take to eliminate all mahogany from a particular forest site (Nebbe & Hunger, 1999, p. 26-1). In a global economy, any other business from huge conglomerate to tiny cooperative is a potential threat as well. Honduras is not the only site where mahogany trees grow, and loggers in other countries may be allowed to harvest live trees as well as fallen ones. Finally, the cooperative's management could be a liability. Santos Munguia, the accepted leader of the group, negotiated higher prices for their wood but made unilateral decisions for the cooperative (Nebbe & Hunger, 1999, p. 26-1). Although this arrangement seems to have worked out for them, Munguia's usurping of authority could work against th...

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