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Historical Aspects: Issue of Women's Rights in Egypt

Not everyone accepts an overriding importance of economic issues in debates of women's rights. Some feminist theorists contend that an economic emphasis obscures the assessment of sexual domination within a society. Barry (1979, p. 9) held that,

. . . when economic power is defined as the causal variable, the sex dimensions of power usually remain unidentified and unchallenged. Consequently, economic analysis has often functioned to undermine the feminist critique of sexual domination . . . . Feminist analysis of sexual power is often modified to make it fit into an economic analysis which defines economic analysis as the primary instrument of female oppression.

Barry (1979, p. 10) contended further that, by appearing to critique the conditions that lead to the subjugation, an economic analysis of the issue tends to "obscure recognition of sexual domination, which is the first cause of sexual power." In actuality, economic factors are important in the context of the status of women, but these factors do not supersede in importance social and political factors.

Political extremism is present in Egypt on both the right and the left in the country's political spectrum. Rightist political extremism is strongly associated with the Islamic fundamentalism movement, which generally opposes the policies-- both domestic and international--of the ruling National Democratic Party (led, in turn, by both Anwar Sadat and Husni Mubarak). Nasserites provide the principal leftist political extremism in Egypt. The presence political extremists within the Egyptian population, in turn, has made it even more difficult for the Egyptian leadership to fully implement political reform, regardless of the extent to which the leadership may or may not have wished to introduce such reform, and the form the leadership may have wished political change in Egypt to assume. The Islamic fundamentalist movement is hostile to...

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