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El Norte

They soon find that they cannot trust anyone in their new environment, as one coyote tricks them into thinking he will help them and then tries to rob them of their twenty dollars. They are arrested by Immigration officers, but are able to escape being sent back to Guatemala by pretending to be Mexican Indians. Finally, they find a friend of a friend named Raimundo who helps them across the border by sending them through an empty sewer tunnel. In the third part of the film, Enrique and Rosa rent a dirty hotel room from a mercenary individual named Monty. Rosa gets a job in a sweatshop, where she meets a helpful woman named Nacha. Through a stroke of luck, Enrique gets hired as a bus boy for an elegant French restaurant. However, when Enrique gets a promotion over a Mexican-American youth named Carlos, Carlos seeks revenge by calling the Immigration Board. Enrique manages to escape, and his friend Monty introduces him to a woman from Chicago who wants to give Enrique a foreman job, with the chance of obtaining a green card after a year. However, in order to take the job in Chicago, Enrique would have to leave his sister behind in Los Angeles. When Enrique learns that Rosa is dying from .typhus caused by rat bites suffered during their climb through the sewer tunnel at the border, Enrique decides to

give up his opportunity in Chicago, and goes to her. In the final scene, Enrique is working at menial labor while reminiscing about his


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