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Second, the large number of independent variables included in this study provided information related to the victim characteristics associated with sexual reoffense, as well as to perpetrator characteristics associated with sexual reoffense. Again, information of this type is highly valuable in the formulation of policy designed to reduce the incidence of sexual assaults.

The weak point in the methodology employed in the study reported in the critiqued article was in the quantitative methods used in the analysis of the data collected. Chi square analysis were the primary non parametric correlational procedure employed in the study. The researchers possessed the necessary data in the required form to use qunatitative procedures that would have yielded more precise assessments of the statistical relationships that existed between the several measures of recidivism and the large number of independent variables for which data were collected. This criticism is not intended to deprecate the findings and conclusions of the research reported in the critiqued article. Rather, the intent of this criticism is to indicate that the findings could have been improved. of

Kahn, Timothy J., & Heather J. Chambers. (1991, May-June). Assessing reoffense risk with juvenile sexual offenders. Child Welfare, 70(3), 333-345.


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