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Use of vertebrate animals in Research

This obligation has been acknowledged even by staunch defenders of animal research, such as Adrian Morrison, director of the National Institute of Mental Health's Program for Animal Research Issues and himself a target of animal rights activists.

Regardless of the merits or the lack of merits of animal research, there is no doubt that many of the animals used in research are abused. For example, one animal rights groups, People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA), which wants to eliminate all animal research and whose campaign against the use of animals in research for household products and cosmetics brought the animal rights issue much support with the general public, conducted an undercover investigation of Wright State University's animal research program. They found widespread abuses, such as a rabbit with ears ravaged by scabies mites and a dog, also infested with the parasites, appeared to have scratched itself bloody. In addition, many dogs were found to be suffering from multiple ailments that were left untreated and that rabbits and pigs were clubbed to death and eaten by researchers. They used photographs of these abuses in their advertising campaigns against the university's animal research program, putting them on local billboards and giving them to newspapers. Furthermore, some photographs were sent to federal investigators, leading t


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