Sexual Crimes as a Deviant Acts
About 56% are white, and 41% are African American, with the rest classified as other races (Ellis & Walsh, 542). Most convicted rapists have previous criminal convictions, some have prior rape convictions, and one-third have been previously convicted of other violent crimes (Ellis & Walsh, 542). There is a distinction between stranger rapists and date rapists, with stranger rapists being younger and having more serious criminal histories, as well as being more likely to be addicted to drugs or alcohol. Normally, date rape is attempted after various nonviolent tactics have been used to no avail.

Nicholas Groth developed the most commonly used typology of rapists. In it, he asserts that rape is a ˘pseudosexual÷ act motivated by assertion of the rapistĂs power, classifying it as ˘an aggressive act symptomatic of psychological dysfunction÷ (Ellis & Walsh, 543). He proposes three main categories of rape: anger, power, and sadistic rape. The anger rapist exhibits general anger at everything, but at women in particular; the power rapist rapes for power and control over their victims; and the sadistic rapist becomes sexually aroused by torturing his victims.

Just as the rapists can be profiled, so can the victims. There are certain characteristics that can make some women more likely to be raped than others. Rape victims can be any age but are most likely to be young women, more often poor, and white. Rape is more likely to occur when the rapist and the victim have b

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