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Sexual Crimes as a Deviant Acts

Nicholas Groth developed the most commonly used typology of rapists. In it, he asserts that rape is a 'pseudosexual' act motivated by assertion of the rapist's power, classifying it as 'an aggressive act symptomatic of psychological dysfunction' (Ellis & Walsh, 543). He proposes three main categories of rape: anger, power, and sadistic rape. The anger rapist exhibits general anger at everything, but at women in particular; the power rapist rapes for power and control over their victims; and the sadistic rapist becomes sexually aroused by torturing his victims.

Just as the rapists can be profiled, so can the victims. There are certain characteristics that can make some women more likely to be raped than others. Rape victims can be any age but are most likely to be young women, more often poor, and white. Rape is more likely to occur when the rapist and the victim have been drinking, and women who go out drinking frequently and drink heavily are the likeliest targets.

There are three prominent theories of rapeùthe feminist theory, the social learning theory, and the evolutionary theory. The feminist theory asserts that rape is motivated by power rather than desire and is intended to intimidate and degrade women. One of its principal goals is to counteract the prevalent victim-precipitated perspective that suggests that if the victim had dressed or behaved differently, she might not have been raped; that perspective seems to lift the burden of guilt off the rapist and place it on the victim. Feminists believe that practically all men are capable of rape, and this view is bolstered by statistics that show that 35% to 69% of surveyed males would rape if they knew they could never be discovered or punished for it (Ellis & Walsh, 545).

The social learning theory of rape is an extension of the feminist theory except that it emphasizes sexual politics less and views rape as abnormal. This theory agrees with feminist theory in th...

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