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Comprehensive Exposure Human Resources

The interactions of these various elements within the project are important to graspĆ¹how HR and change management or recruitment affect employee development and retention, for example. Although it is possible to consider each element sequentially, this is just a basic level of understanding; the project will be most useful if the leverage in each section is leveraged against the others. That makes the project harder to 'get one's mind around.' The best strategy for resolving this issue is to address each section in light of all the others, looking for connections, potential impacts, and synergy.

The project also offers opportunities, especially in the area of identifying human resources challenges and future trends. As the project comes together, insights can develop that suggest ways of overcoming the challenges and taking advantage of the trends to ensure a greater competitive edge and optimum profitability. Learning to identify opportunities is a facility that extends beyond the scope of this project to real-world business after graduation. Therefore, strategies for identifying, keeping track of, and developing opportunities can be developed in this project and carried forward for use on an ongoing basis in an industry career. One strategy that helps to meet this opportunity is journaling. Thoughts that come while working on the project can be recorded in the journal to be followed up on later. Journaling should include the idea, what it relates to, and how it might be useful; this preserves the idea in its context. Periodically throughout the project, the journal should be reviewed, as an increasing grasp of the industry human resources issues becomes clearer and more detailed. Finally, some of the ideas will be shown to possess enough potent


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