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Comprehensive Exposure Human Resources

The sheer complexity of this topic makes it a time-consuming and labor-intensive task, and apprehending the total regulatory environment with all its intricate laws, factors, and functions will likely be extremely demanding. For a complete picture of this environment, it is necessary to study court decisions that have affected it and to understand how the courts view various situations involved in it. Congressional policy and rules available on the Federal Communication CommissionĂs web site and the National Cable & Telecommunications Association will be helpful, but the data provided there needs to be supplemented with data from state agencies and industry sources (˘Fact Sheet,÷ ˘Regulatory and Judicial Filings÷).

It will also be challenging to tie together the disparate parts of project into a unified whole that considers each part individually but also views it in terms of how it fits into the bigger picture. The interactions of these various elements within the project are important to grasp¨how HR and change management or r


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