Leadership Style of Oprah Winfrey
Her uncommon success has invited questions from many as to what special skills and leadership abilities have contributed to her continual rise to greater power and new areas of accomplishment. One of these qualities is an impeccable ability to organize. Oprah is adept at taking an idea and bringing it into reality through organization. She has good instincts, knowing what to discard, what to highlight, and how to bring the idea together into a tangible product. Her instincts also lead her in the right direction with selecting which projects to implement. Virtually everything she sets her hand to becomes a big success.

Oprah is now a household word. In fact, her magazine, O, just needs one letter to communicate who she is. It was becoming successful in her first venue¨talk show host¨and rising from anonymity to being well known and loved throughout the country that gave her a stepping place from which to progress on to higher achievements. An analysis of her success as a talk-show host, therefore, is fundamental to analyzing her leadership as a whole.

There are many types of leaders and many types of leadership approaches. The approach that has worked for Oprah is a combination of determined effort¨the ˘never say die÷ persistence that underlies many successful people¨and an ability to reach and persuade people. It is this latter ability that is so rare among leaders. Teaching people how to perform leaders

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