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Leadership Style of Oprah Winfrey

It is this latter ability that is so rare among leaders. Teaching people how to perform leadership tasks is within the realm of possibility, but knowing how to reach people is largely an innate sense. Oprah does it with her own combination of wit, chutzpah, and compassion. She literally wins the hearts of her audience, and once they love her, they make her every venture a success. There is a substantial element of star power in this dynamic. Oprah is a dazzling personality, and simply because of her stature and presence, she is influential. However, Oprah's influence goes beyond making fans of her viewers. It is a much deeper kind of influence than that. In fact, her opinions are so powerful that she has to be cautious about what she says. During a show about Mad Cow disease, Oprah made the offhand comment that 'It has just stopped me cold from eating another burger.' That one sentence sent cattle prices tumbling, costing beef producers approximately $12 million ('Oprah Winfrey'). The cattlemen sued her for 'false defamation of perishable food' and 'business disparagement,' sparking a two-month court battle, which she subsequently won ('Oprah Winfrey').

The ability to touch people's hearts implies another element that is obvious in Oprah's leadershipùtrust. People trust Oprah, possibly because she openly expresses her opinions and shows herself to be caring toward others. Many leaders feel it necessary to withhold their personal feelings from those beneath them, distancing themselves in an attempt to maintain order and discipline. This may work for holding people in line and getting them to obey out of fear, but it does not capture hearts or inspire the kind of devotion that Oprah's fans feel for her. They love her, and they listen to every word she says. She has personal power that is grounded not only in respect but also in a belief that she cares for them as much as they care for her. As a media personality, ...

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