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Disadvantages of Mobile Phones

Since people can call on their mobile phones from anywhere, the number of calls made to 911 centers has escalated dramatically and now totals 57 million per year. Many 911 call centers are inadequate to handle their call volume and need to be upgraded (Howard, 2004).

If explosions and cancer are not enough to deter mobile-phone users, the statistics on accidents that occur as a result of them might. Mobile phone users who talk while driving become distracted and cause automobile accidents. A study of 699 Canadian drivers with mobile phones found that "the risk of a collision when using a cellular telephone was four times higher than the risk when a cellular telephone was not being used" (Knowles, 2000). It is no safer to use the phones on foot, either. Pedestrian phone users are becoming so distracted while talking and walking that they wander into traffic and get killed (Howard, 2004).

Safety issues aside, mobile phones wreak havoc in peoples' personal lives also. They are intrusive, to say the least. The phones ring during church services, business meetings, family dinners, and even weddings. Intrusiveness has become such a problem that cell phones are being banned from many restaurants and other public establishments. In New York City, the Metro-North Railroad found that 76% of commuters carry the phones, and 90% of those admit to using them. Metro-North finally designated a phone-free 'Quiet Car' on each train to respond to a survey that indicated that 87% of surveyed commuters are 'bothered' by the phones ('Rail Commuters Still Bothered by Cell-Phone Abuse,' 2000).

It is not just the fact that phones ring anywhere that is the problem. More importantly, people actually answer those callsùregardless of what they happen to be doing. According to Ad Age, 14% of the world's mobile phone users admit that they 'have stopped in the middle of a sex act to answer a ringing wireless device The highest incidence of cellul...

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