Disadvantages of Mobile Phones
When you use the phone in the car, the shielding and tinting in newer automobiles causes the electromagnetic waves to bounce back and forth inside the cabin of the vehicle, exposing yourself and your passengers to increased levels of electromagnetic radiation (Morehouse).

A number of studies show a statistically significant correlation between brain cancer deaths and mobile phone use. A new Swedish study shows people who have used mobile phones for ten years or more may have a greater chance of developing a rare kind of brain tumor. Researchers at the respected Karolinska Institute in Stockholm found an almost four-fold increase in this type of tumor, and it can become life-threatening. Interestingly, the tumors form on the side of the head where the mobile phone is most often held (Channel 3000, 2004).

Furthermore, people seeking help during emergencies are likely to be left stranded thanks to mobile phones. Many people who dial 911 never get through to the emergency call center because mobile phone calls are clogging the centers. In the past, passersby would stop to help stranded people or notify the highway police. Now, however, people who see any type of dangerous situation call 911, closing out the service to people with real medical emergencies. Consumer Reports tested the 911 system repeatedly to verify the problem and found that 1 in 25 calls never got through. Since people can call on their mobile phones from anywhere, the number of calls made to 91

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