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Employers and Employees Discrimination in Workplace Environment

The effects on employees who suffer discrimination can also be debilitating. Filing a lawsuit is a costly and time-consuming matter for them too, with little guarantee as to the eventual outcome of the case. Further, without appropriate evidence and records, it is often difficult for employees to win their cases, a problem compounded by supervisors and management who typically remain loyal to the corporation whether right or wrong. Short of a lawsuit, one effect of charging discrimination against a company can be to use the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) as a mediator. Often the EEOC, after looking into allegations of discrimination is able to form a settlement between the employer and the employee. However, experts warn those who allege discrimination to think twice about filing a lawsuit, but they do insist they at least file a complain with the EEOC:

Workers who think they are victims of job discrimination should realize at the outset that seeking redress can be time-consuming and costly, and that a successful outcome is far from certain. If workers are unable to negotiate settlements with their employers, the next step is to file a formal complain with the Equal Opportunity Commission. This launches a commission investigation and an attempt to resolve the matter. More important, notifying the EEOC preserves the complainant’s right to file a lawsuit later.

The effects of discrimination lawsuits can be crippling to a company in terms of public opinion, the loss of time, and enormous financial losses. One of the reasons for this is another change in strategy designed to help employees who file lawsuits alleging discrimination. The EEOC has reverted back to its policy of filing class-action suits against firms where groups of employees are represented instead of single-worker cases. This strategy of filing class-actions suits was followed during the 1970s, but the 1980s, Reagan administration, corporate-...

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