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The Life of Escobar: The Godfather of Medellfn Colombian Drug Cartel

A hidden impact is that of the drug trade inside the U.S.; 'the domestic drug trade has a destabilizing effect on the U.S. as well' (3). This explains why President Reagan signed a National Security directive in 1986, designating the international drug trade as a national security issue. The consumption of over $100 billion of illicit narcotics by an estimated 84 million Americans results in lower worker productivity, more frequent accidents with consequent loss of life and property, and 'the diversion of economic resources into non-productive purposes. As an illicit activity, it enhances the power of criminals and criminal organizations, shifting power away from legitimate authority' (3). The war on drugs has never been won; it continues today, and its deleterious effects are still eroding our national security, integrity, and economy.

For all of these reasons and many more, it was imperative that Pablo Escobar be captured, although for a long time no one in his country or ours believed it would ever happen. The Colombian government offered a reward of $400,000 for the capture of Pablo Escobar, but instead of facilitating his capture, the strategy backfired. Escobar responded by offering $500 to $2,000 a head for each policeman killed in Medellfn, and by July 1990, 140 policemen had died (4). However, despite the odds against it, in December 1993, Escobar was killed in a shootout with police officers. 'He had escaped from a prison he had built to ensure his own safety and comfort prior to surrendering to authorities on drug trafficking charges. Dissatisfied with prison restrictions, Escobar escaped and was the subject of a countrywide manhunt that ended with his death' (1).

Escobar's legacy to Columbia is a still-active heroin trade with all the underworld crime that accompanies that trafficking. Colombian opium production was estimated to have reached 65 metric tons in 1995 (as compared with 2,650 tons produced in Myanmar...

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