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History of NATO

New institutions have also arisen under the NATO umbrella. In the political realm, the alliance established the North Atlantic Cooperation Council (NACC), a broader organization than the traditional North Atlantic Council (NAC) designed to address political problems throughout the European continent instead of primarily among member nations. In the military realm, NATO has created a multinational rapid response military corps designed for mobility and flexibility in limited conflict situations with an emphasis on peace-keeping, peace-making and, to a lesser extent, deterrence.

But as NATO has continued its soul-searching in subsequent summit meetings, it has become clear that the general objective of promoting a stable post-Cold War transition voiced by Secretary General Woerner is too ambiguous to describe accurately the alliance's new missions. It is not at all clear under that objective, for instance, how the alliance should address the internal political struggles of Russia, or the ethnic conflicts flaring within and between former Eastern bloc countries, or for that matter the economic deprivations sweeping Eastern European countries. NATO's role on the European continent, if indeed any valid role does exist, needs to be further refined.

The alliance must also address what its future should be with the declining willingness of the United States as a player in European politics. One of NATO's most critical functions has been linking the United States with Europe. The basic lesson of this last century's world wars is that without a stabilizing American military, political and economic role, Europe especially a Europe so ethnically divided-is prone to conflict and war. It is better for Europe to maintain some American presence in security affairs and it is better for the United States to maintain some influence over the world's largest economic market.

NATO's confusion over its future can easily be seen in many of i...

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