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What is a Domestic Violence?

Further, researchers have observed significant relationships between domestic violence and a family's ethnic or cultural background (Field & Caetano, 2004) and between various socioeconomic factors and processes (Abbott, 1995; Wilt & associates, 1996).

Given the foregoing research and the many similar studies, researchers in the area of domestic violence have formulated several conclusions related to the relationship of sociodemographic variables and domestic violence and abuse. These conclusions, according to Vincent and Jouriles (2000) center around the idea that certain sociodemographic variables operate to increase the risk of domestic violence in a family. In other words, they make for a greater probability of domestic violence occurring. Thus, a family in which one or both partners abuse alcohol is more likely to experience domestic violence that a family where alcohol abuse is not present.

Application of Philosophy of Science to the Domestic Violence/Abuse Research

A key point that can be noted about the just discussed research is that these studies, like all research, are considered searches for credible explanations of observed phenomena (see: Curd & Cover, 1998). But in order for an explanation to be considered credible, the information on which it is based must be derived from methods that allow for confidence in the accuracy of the obtained information (Godfrey-Smith, 2003). In this regard, philosophy of science has pointed out that there are several problematic aspects associated with the scientific method in general and social sciences research (the nature of most criminology research) in particular.

The Scientific Method, a way of acquiring knowledge in both the physical and social sciences, has been questioned by certain philosophers. In this regard, Losee (1998) points out that there are fallibility and logic problems with what science considers standards of proof (usually inductive reasoning) as well as the...

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