Tobacco Industry Structure and Growth
Sales of cigarettes accounted for 42 percent of Philip Morris' sales in 1993 and 56 percent of its net income (Matthews, 1994, pp. A1, A4). Largely because of cigarette sales, Philip Morris is "one of the most profitable companies in the world" (Frazer, 1996, p. 43). The cigarette industry globally produced in 1995 $56 billion in annual revenues. Although domestic cigarette sales have been flat in recent years, overseas sales are booming (Matthews, 1994, p. A5; Flanigan, 1996, p. D5). Pre-Clinton Regulatory Threats

The Threat to Health. Within five years after cigarettes had been sold nationally, the University of Minnesota Medical School noted as early as 1921 a sharp increase in the incidence of lung cancer among men in the United States (Sobel, 1978, p. 162). In the mid-1950s, Reader's Digest published accounts of research which established a link between long-term cigarette smoking and cancer, including experiments at the Memorial Sloan Kettering Institute in 1953, which found that tumors developed in mouse skin exposed for long periods to cigarette smoke. On January 11, 1964, Surgeon General Luther Terry published his report on Smoking and Health which concluded that cigarette smoking was "a health hazard of sufficient importance in the United States to warrant appropriate remedial action" (Sobel, 1978, p. 190). By 1960, 58 percent of adult men and 36 percent of adult women in the United St

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