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India's Theme Park

A similar funding source is the United Nations Industrial Development Organization, which in 1994-1998 provided US$1,340,000 for the Integrated Investment and Technology Promotion Programme in India. The Ministry of Home Affairs-India also provides funding; it provided 234.0 croresùapproximately $50.5 million U.S. dollarsùfor manpower development in 2000 alone. Many similar development funds exist in India or in Asia as a whole, and since a Disney theme part would provide high-paying jobs and increased tourist trade, it is expected to be a good candidate to receive such funding.

A second source of funding will be money invested by selected business partners. These partners will underwrite portions of the development costs in return for a percentage of the profits when the park is operative. Partner funding is a key component for minimizing financial risk, but it confers an additional benefitùpartner commitment. Partners th`t will enjoy thd financial benefits of the theme park's success are more motivated to ensure that success wherever possible.

Economic risks are part of any development project and must be successfully managed. For our theme park venture in India, the primary economic risks are anticipated to be related either to the theme park itselfùdesign, operating, and financial difficultiesùor to the area's economy in generalùunemployment rates and the currency rate, for example. There is also the consideration of competition from other theme parks, since theme parks are starting to become somewhat common in India.

Economic Research Associates (ERA) has developed a number of theme parks for the Walt Disney Company over the years, and they identify a number of positive aspects as well as negative ones (risks) associated with the theme park industry. On the positive side, theme parks have a family appeal, contain themed environments, have 'ambient entertainment' (strolling musicians or performers who perform...

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