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Gender Differences in Workplace

Of the company's 1999 employee figure of 55,199, more than two-thirds are women. And judging from the company's web site, the airline is actively recruiting women. However, when one examines the top officers of the airline, it is revealed that not one woman is in a senior management position.

On May 25, 2000, however, that apparent denial of women in top executive positions was modified somewhat when Joan Juliet Buck, Chief Editor of Vogue Paris, was named Executive Editor of Air France Madame, a twice-monthly in-flight magazine targeted at the upscale woman traveler. According to the company's web site, "The new concept is aimed at the globe-trotting businesswoman. Her profile has been defined as a professional woman aged between 35 and 40. She is energetic, demanding and inquisitive, and is a frequent traveler." As Harris and Moran point out "Management is primarily concerned about structures, resources and prioritization. Men and women managers may approach these concerns with unique perspectives, and differ in the way they deal with each" (Harris & Moran, 1996, 170).

In many respects, the demographic of Air France Madame matches the typical female employee at Air France who is likewise demanding and inquisitive. On Internet chat sites devoted to women's issues, Air France comes up frequently as a company that likes to hire women, but isn't too emphatic about promoting them.

Delta Airlines is the third-largest airline in the U.S. and employees 81,000 people, 62 percent of which are women. In the top echelon ranks, three women hold key management positions. The top female manager at Delta is Vicki B. Escarra, 47, who serves as Executive Vice President of Customer Service with an annual salary of $620,000. Among the top managers reporting to her (11), there is one woman, Sharon I. Wibbem. Senior vice president of In Flight Service. The Vice President-Treasurer of the corporation is M. Michele Burns, who was an ...

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