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Crime Scene Analysis: The City of Escondido in Southern California

The police transported the body to the County Coroner's office and related the observed and documentary evidence to the crime scene unit for further analysis. They then proceeded to the address listed on the car's registration documents. No one answered the door at John Carew's address. However, neighbors related that they had not seen him since he went out at eight that night. They also related that Carew was new to the area, having moved to Escondido from Kansas six months prior. One neighbor said Carew seemed homesick, though, and had talked about returning to Kansas. The neighbors indicated that Carew had been close friends and business partners with Rob Conroy, who lived in an apartment on the floor below.

Conroy related that he and Carew had recently gone into business together in a dating service called Cupid's Arrow. The business was doing very well financially. It was a dream come true for Conroy. Conroy also related that he and Carew regularly visited an exotic dance club next door to their building about three times a week. Carew did not have a girlfriend or any enemies, as far as Conroy could tell, but Carew had occasionally gone home with a brunette dancer from the exotic dance club. Conroy knew that Carew had left the building just after ten o'clock the night of his murder to go to the dance club.

Inside Carew's apartment the crime scene unit find a .357 magnum bullet lodged in the headboard of his bed. They also find blood on the headboard and sheets and long strands of brown hair in the bed. Carew had short bleached-blonde hair. CSU believes this is the first crime scene, where the murder was actually committed. They also find numerous fingerprints in the bedroom. AFIS identifies one set of fingerprints as belonging to Gregory Tannenbaum, a felon currently on parole from a burglary and assault charge.

The County Coroner's office employed the following analyses techniques to confirm the identity and cause of death...

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