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Female and Male Differences in Handling Emotions

When women and men get together, therefore, there is already an inherent incompatibility between them that can affect their relationship. The woman often tries to get the man to talk about his feelings, while the man simply withdraws into a shell whenever this pressuring occurs. In order to find common ground in the arena of emotions, each gender needs to understand the other's predisposition and respect it.

A third area of contrast has to do with the different ways that male and female brains work. Men are said to be primarily left-brained, and women are primarily right-brained. What this means is that men are more comfortable with logic, data, and mathematics, and women are more intuitive, creative, and verbal. Men are known to have a 'one-track mind.' If a man thinks about something from the feelings side of his brain at the same time that he is talking about something from the thinking side of his brain, he stops talking because he momentarily loses his train of thought; he can operate on either side, but not on both at the same time. The woman, however, is a mental multi-tasker who can watch a soap, talk on the phone, and listen for her baby all at once. These contrasting predispositions have some basis in physical differences, since during gestation, a male baby experiences a rush of hormones that forever destroy most of the connectors between the left and right sides of his brainùconnectors that the woman retains throughout life.

Recent thinking, however, points up a few fallacies in this characterization. For one thing, some say, men are actually quite intuitive. We know this because they seem to have a built-in compass that tells them how to find their way when they are lostùwithout asking directions. As psychotherapist Thayer White points out,

Because men do seem to have more difficulty with feelings, it has been often believed that men must not be in the right half of the brain. On the contrary, they of...

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