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Female and Male Differences

They convey feelings and details. They are relationship oriented. They are quicker to ask for and accept help or directions. Women cooperate (1).

Given these differences in communication style, it is no surprise that men and women find communication with each other one of their biggest challenges in any relationship.

Another contrast between the sexes is the difference in their handling of emotions. Women are usually fairly open with their emotions. They cry at sad movies, feel comfortable talking to others about how they feel, and enjoy hearing how others feel about them. Men, on the other hand, largely steer clear of any display of emotions or discussion about them. When women gather with other women, talks about their emotions are the norm; when men gather with other men, the subject usually pertains to sports, business, or joking¨not emotions. When women and men get together, therefore, there is already an inherent incompatibility between them that can affect their relationship. The woman often tries to get the man to talk about his feelings, while the man simply withdraws into a shell whenever this pressuring occurs. In order to find common ground in the arena of emotions, each gender needs to understand the otherĂs predisposition and respect it.

A third area of contrast has to do with the different ways that male and female brains work. Men are said to be primarily left-brained, and women are primarily right-brained. What this means is that m


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