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The United Nations

Its major committees are the Policy and Security Committee, the Special Political Committee, the Economic and Financial Committee, the Social, Humanitarian, and Cultural Committee, the Decolonization Committee, the Administrative and Budgetary Committee, and the Legal Committee. There are also half a dozen ˘housekeeping÷ committees, the International Civil Service Commission, and various auditing and financial advising committees, along with some 75 special committees, three major commissions, and more than 15 other international organizations, including UNICEF, the UN High Commissioner for Refugees, and the World Food Council.

The Security Council has primary responsibility for maintaining international peace and security. It may identify and take steps to deal with threats to peace, including establishing U.N. peacekeeping forces. It has five permanent members with veto powers as established by the U.N. Charter (the USA, France, Britain, Russia, and China), and ten rotating members nominated by regional causes and elected by the General Assembly to two-year terms. Decisions on substantive matters require


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