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United States Role In North Atlantic Treaty Organizatio (NATO)

,) said that "relying on NATO is a recipe at best for instability, and at worst for disaster . . . It deserves to be consigned to the dustbin of history" (p. 5).

One of the factors keeping NATO alive is uncertainty over the intentions and tendencies of an unstable Russia. Advocates of re-taining the alliance, such as German Kamp (1995, Spring), observed that "the honeymoon in Russia's relations with the West is over" and that it is simple prudence for the West to keep its powder dry in the form of NATO (p. 121). Whatever happens in Russia, however, it is clear that the Russian threat to Western Europe, if one still exists, is remote. According to Kupchan (1996, May-June), "Russia is neither interested nor capable of mounting such a threat" because of its internal weaknesses and its preoccupation with turmoil on its immediate borders among the former Soviet republics (p. 97). Runer (1995, 28 May) said that "Russia is--and will remain for a long time--too weak to threaten Eastern Europe militarily," let alone Western Europe (p. M6). His view is that the alliance should be allowed to die, rather than "trying to breathe new life into an outdated security arrangement" (p. M6).

The 'Threat' of German Militarism. As Lord Ismay's remark indicated, fear of a resurgence of German aggressive nationalism was another consideration which underlay the formation of NATO. NATO provided an umbrella under which American participation would assuage West European fears of Germany and add German strength to the anti-soviet effort. Franco-German rivalry is now a relic of the past. Kristol (1995, 6 Feb.) said that a reunified "Germany may end up as the dominant economic power in Europe . . . but this has no foreign policy implications" (p. A14). Germany's record as a democracy since 1949 shows that it no longer represents a threat to European or world peace. In fact, the challenge has been not so much to restrain the Germans but to overcome their constitut...

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