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The Concept of Workplace Ethics

Part of the essay, 'Workplace Ethics,' discusses workplace privacy issues. Freeman quotes another law professor, Todd Brower, who suggests that irrespective of what rights America's employees may believe they have in the workplace, they have little or no right to privacy. Todd explained that employers can monitor incoming as well as outgoing emails, telephone calls, Internet use, and the data stored on workstation hard drives. In addition, employers can use computer software to monitor the amount of work performed by workers right down to counting the number of keystrokes performed per hour. Todd's point is that privacy rights essentially do not exist in the workplace.

Sexual harassment and sexual discrimination is another workplace issue that is growing in importance. There remains in place a so-called glass ceiling in corporate America that tends to prevent even the most qualified women and minorities from reaching senior or executive management positions. Studies have proven there is a significant gender gap in pay despite state and federal laws mandating equal pay for equal work. There are far too many instances of companies permitting a hostile work environment to develop. A hostile environment is anything that creates fear, or intimidates, ostracizes, psychologically or physically threatens, embarrasses, ridicules, or in some other way unreasonably burdens employees trying to do their jobs. Sexual harassment is somewhat different. In involves inappropriate comments, touching, questions, requests for sexual favors, or behavior of a sexual nature that continue despite one or more requests that the activity or activities stop.

One of the experts quoted, Dr. Rosener, suggests there may be a fundamental shift in the way prospective employees choose prospective employer


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