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Karl Marx a prolific writer

Every individual drinks, sleeps, eats, or employs his reason, and society has every interest in seeing that these functions are regularly exercised. If therefore these facts were social ones, sociology would possess no subject matter peculiarly its own, and its domain would be confused with that of biology and psychology (Durkheim, 1982, 50).

Marx's thinking (or Marx's demand for the need for good thinking)is seen today in the many theories of social justice and the changing face of capitalism from a national perspective to a global perspective. Indeed, it could be argued that one's citizenship by birth no longer has a major impact upon that person's life-prospects, and is, for the most part, not subject to change by an individual's will and efforts. The Economist suggested

It has been Marx's misfortune that what he wrote as a tract for the times has been taken (by his supporters) as eternal truth or (by his critics) as an attempt thereat. But the Communist manifesto was in fact rushed out to try to rally the forces of the proletariat in the year of revolutions ("Karl Marx," 1999, 13).

Taken to its logical conclusion, Marx's capitalism is not becoming globalism and his "natural order" now has a linear development with mankind having the innate ability or power to create relationships. This sort of thinking is creating a new world order and it creates a new kind of structured "logic", the end result of which is a "regime" known as "capitalism."

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