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Effect of Diverse Culture in Workplace

It gives us ready-made solutions to our problems, helps us to predict how others will act and to conform our behavior accordingly, and it helps us to know what others expect of us (Kluckhohn & Kelly 21).

Every corporation is a small society within the larger society in which it does business. Consequently, every corporation has its own culture, which serves as a form of shorthand and guidance for its employees. The corporation's culture dominates the work environment and determines which people are comfortable and successful in that particular company (Cultural Competence 351).

Founder Clayton Tanner was responsible for the corporate culture at Coney's that gave rise to the multimillion-dollar discrimination lawsuit. Tanner was a product of a historically racist Southern culture that believed in the inferiority of blacks and insisted on the separation of the black and white races. In such a culture, Tanner's decision to limit the visibility and influence of black employees may indeed have made business sense, given that his customers may have shared his worldview.

However, Coney's is now the third-largest restaurant chain in America, meaning it has grown beyond the geographical boundaries of Tanner's Southern culture. In addition, the fundamental changes in America's views of civil rights for all races and the increasing changes in America's racial make-up have made Coney's corporate culture obsolete and bad for business. That culture has already cost Coney's $134.5 million to settle a discrimination suit. If significant changes are not made, Coney's corporate culture will continue to cost the business money through more lawsuits and lost business.

Encouraging Cultural Diversity at Coney's Inc.

Due to the demographics of the labor pool, most organizations must now deal with diversity at entry level. However, organizations must also encourage diversity at the executive level where more complex tasks and significant ...

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