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Cultural Influences in the Workplace

This change in the American population will also mean a change in the consumer and labor markets. Experts predict the labor market will become tighter, more female, more nonwhite, and more mature. White males will make up only 15 percent of all new labor entrants in the next 10 years (Clark 338), and native nonwhite Americans will make up 20 percent (Clark 339). The largest percentage of new workers, 62 percent, will be women, including 42 percent white American women, 13 percent black American women, and 9 percent immigrants. More than half of these women will have children at home (Clark 339). Finally, blacks and Hispanics currently make up a $425 billion annual consumer market, which experts estimate will grow to $650 billion by 2000 (Clark 339). The size of that market will exceed by far America's combined total exports to Japan and Canada, its two largest international consumers (Clark 339).

Undoubtedly, this changing American population means many American corporations will find it necessary to change the way they do business. Not only will their customers have a new face, but so too will their employees. This change will mean that promoting diversity within the corporation will become more than a sound business choice; it will become a business necessity (Clark 340). Corporations will need to find managers who can interact with the new consumer and labor markets and they will need to train exi


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