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The Successful Story and China & Vietnam as Awakening Economic Giants

All four of these dragons, and in particular Taiwan and South Korea, benefited from generous U.S. economic and military aid from 1956 to 1985. Both are strong Western allies and have received massive influxes of aid as part of the U.S. foreign policy of containing communism (Bradshaw and Wallace, 97).

Additionally, all four countries shed colonial influence in the twentieth century and the colonial era was effective over at the end of World War II. All four countries have governments that are deeply involved in economic development and which have undertaken strong industrial and trade policies, encouraged domestic savings, fostered agricultural production improvements through land reform, limited market entry of foreign products that might compete with domestic goods, maintained low wages, and exercised what Bradshaw and Wallace (98) call ˘heavy-handed tactics to keep order at home.÷

All of these countries are dramatically influenced by the Confucian heritage that has shaped their cultures. Confucianism has promoted three factors that shape development in a typically Asian manner: 1) Confucianism instills respect for elders and authority figures and helps to maintain the hierarchal business organizations that are found in these countries; 2) Confucianism emphasizes the group or the collective over the individual and bolsters loyalty to the firm and the nation; and 3) Confucianism leads to self-discipline and fosters an orderliness in society that nurtures e


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