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Animal Testing and Research

Many scientists (although not all) have argued that morality permits infliction of pain and stress, to the most agonizing achievable degree, if there is even a hope that thereby knowledge can be advanced. (Humane Society of the United States 313)

This view is echoed by supporters of animal research who believe in the contribution that animals have made to humankind. Hyde notes first how animals helped with the space program by serving as surrogate humans in early flights and then how animals have helped in the development of medicines:

Animal pioneers play a tremendous role in the world of medicine. All new drugs are tested on animals before they are known to be safe for human beings. Surgeons must try new operations on animals before they dare to use them to save human lives. Every part of medical science is based on studies with animals. Without the use of animals, medial progress would come to a standstill. (Hyde 10)

In examining the moral significance of human beings, many philosophers differentiate between human beings and animals. They emphasize those qualities which separate human beings from animals, implying that these qualities prove moral significance and thus that the absence of these qualities would deny such significance. Inherent in the discussion of the moral signifi


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