Foucault's Critique
This passage makes clear that Foucault is not merely discussing Mettray but the whole of social organization and the supervisory function of authoritative entities, particularly when reinforced by legal and judicial power, exerts strong influence on behavior. At Mettray, the universe of experience was circumscribed institutionally. Foucault argues that the pattern of supervision of which Mettray was emblematic has been enlarged to encompass the whole of society. As a consequence, society can be said to be disciplined and regimented much as prisoners in the penal system are. Foucault refers to the "emergence of a new form of 'law': a mixture of legality and nature, prescription and constitution, the norm" (415).

Obviously there is a qualitative difference between the incarcerated individual and the person who lives in his own house. But that distinction ignores a point argued by Ritzer with regard to corporate regimentation of social interaction that is completely consistent with Foucault's description of the reliance that society has placed on the medical and judicial rationales for incarceration of social misfits. Ritzer describes the fast-food industry as one in which (among other things) consumers are obliged to adhere to norms by "reading" what he terms "

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