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Criminal Justice System

However, Reiman's personal view is that neither Durkheim or Erikson are exactly correct in their analysis. Reiman thinks that our increased crime rate cannot be solely attributed to an increased amount of youngsters or urbanization He also believes that the U.S. refuses to do things which would help eliminate crime, such as, enact and effective gun control policy, end poverty, and decriminalize elicit drugs (Reiman, 41).

Our Justice Systems: Maintaining a System

that Generates Crime and Delinquency

The most salient point that author Reiman makes is that the currently existing systems do more to promote crime that ameliorate it, thereby, in effect, maintaining a socio-economic system which perpetuates crime. Reiman's theory is that our government's failure to implement programs which really reduce crime does not simply reflect an existing consensus, as Durkheim and Erikson's theories imply, but rather, that our government's failure to reduce crime is the thing that is actively creating our society's consensus about crime (Reiman, 40-41).

According to author Steven R. Donziger, the U.S. policy to prevent crime is problematic. He claims that America has built "more prisons to lock people up than any other country in the world" (Donziger, 2). Moreover, Donziger reports that we are not spending over $100 million a year to on weapons to combat crime, to no avail. He asserts that the problem is not so much the crime statistics, that is, not the number of crimes committed each year that is a problem. Instead, he claims that the problem is the increasingly violent nature of the crimes committed (Donziger, 2-3). He agrees with Reiman that failure to reduce poverty leads to more crime (Donziger, 29). But he makes an outstanding point which shows that solving the problems of our nation's poor is not the only answer. Donziger explains that by building so many prisons and enacting laws like California's new "three strikes" po...

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